Thursday, April 11, 2013

Fast Feet

“Train like a horse. Run like a tiger.”
“I can't promise you girls that you will be champions. But I can promise you, that I will improve your skills.”

“Girls, girls, let me tell you a secret.”
-Coach Willy
Izza, Zoe, me, Kaye
Anyway, today's practice made me feel more inspired (than I already am). Sure, it made me want to practice harder to kick stronger and dribble faster and juggle more and stuff, but when practice ended, Coach came up to us. He suddenly raised my spikes (soccer shoes) in the air and asked me, “How much was this?” and I replied, “About six thousand pesos,” then Coach said “That was the price of my tuition fee in school for two years...” And then he went on and on about how lucky our generation was. Like how during his time, he never had proper equipment – his shin guards were made of cut pieces of an oil tank, and that there would only be 3 tournaments every year, and at present, there are probably more than 10 tournaments per year... We are so blessed.

The last picture shows the kids we played with today. They are proof of how good Coach Willie can make us! The difference between us and them is that they're less privileged (and they have mad skills). Some of my team members donated some old jerseys and shorts to Coach for his little team. He told us his story about how he would make his little team juggle, and the first one to reach 20 juggles, gets a jersey or something that we donated. Seeing the little smiles brighten up their faces as they dribble with the ball and sprint across the field, it shows how much they love football, and how such small things to us, could mean the world to them.

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